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Original remote control GRUNDIG Tele Pilot 165 C (759551159300) for Televisions | C$ 47.15 + VAT


Tele Pilot 165 C (759551159300) original remote control

Reference: Tele Pilot 165 C (759551159300)
Other names: TP 165 C, TP165C, ZL6187R, TelePilot165C
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Price without VATC$ 47.15
VAT*C$ 0.00
Final priceC$ 47.15
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original remote control Tele Pilot 165 C (759551159300) used for televisions GBE3200, TVD402501TEXT, Xentia32 LXW 82-8625 REF, DAVIO20, DAVIO, TP 165 C for the brand Grundig. This is an original remote control.


Brand: Grundig
Remote controls Grundig
Make sure that your remote control exactly matches the image or the reference of the remote control shown here. If you have lost the original one, you may find a photo or drawing of the remote in the manual that you can compare to the photo shown here. If you are not sure, or you can't find your remote control, locate the brand and complete model number of the apparatus (you will usually find this on a label on the back of the device) and contact us so we can find a solution.

This remote is used for Televisions

Remote controls for all kinds of televisions (cathode-ray tube, TFT, Plasma, LCD or LED televisions) and all makes and models. We have the original remotes for every model of television, as well as the equivalents, which can replace the original.

Some of the models that use this remote are

Grundig 20LW517605 Grundig 7009 / 5TOP Grundig 8790REFTERREON32 (LXW82) Grundig AMIRA 15 (LCD38-6605BS) Grundig AMIRA 17 LCD LW45-7510TOP
Grundig AMIRA 23 LW 60-7505 BS Grundig AMIRA 23 LW 60-7510 TOP Grundig AMIRA 26 LW 68-7505 BS Grundig AMIRA 26 LW 68-7510 TOP Grundig AMIRA 26 LW 68-7512 REF
Grundig AMIRA 26 LW 68-7515 REF Grundig AMIRA 32 LW 82-7505 BS Grundig AMIRA 32 LXW 82-7512 REF Grundig AMIRA 32 LXW 82-7515 REF Grundig AMIRA 32LXW82-7510TOP
Grundig APOLLO 42 Grundig APOLLO 42 PW 110-7505 TOP Grundig ARCANCE 55 FLAT (MF55-2502/8FR) Grundig ARCANCE 70MFW70-2401IT Grundig ARCANCE 70MFW70-2410IT
Grundig ARCANCE 82 MFW 82-2410 / IT Grundig ARCANCE72FLAT (MF7224107TOPPROCONSILBER) Grundig ARCANCE72FLAT (MF722410ITTOPSILBER) Grundig CINARO 70MFW70-5411 / 7 Grundig CINARO 72 FLAT MF72-5410 / 7
Grundig DAVIO Grundig DAVIO 15 LCD 38-5700 BS Grundig DAVIO 21 T 55-4501 / 5 TEXT Grundig DAVIO 55 (T55-4201TOP CORONASILBER) Grundig DAVIO20
Grundig ELEGANCE 37 LXW 94-8615 REF Grundig ELEGANCE 40 LXW 102-8615 Grundig ELEGANCE 50 (PXW130-9625 DOLBY) Grundig ELEGANCE 50 PXW 130-9625 DOLBY Grundig ELEGANCE 50 PXW 130-9625 DOLBY (TV / DR)
Grundig ELEGANCE 50PXW130-9625 DOLBY Grundig ELEGANCE 55 FLAT (MF55-2502/5) Grundig ELEGANCE 55 MF 55-2501 Grundig ELEGANCE 70 MFW 70-2510 / 8 Grundig ELEGANCE 72 FLAT (MF72-2501/8)
Grundig ELEGANCE 82 MFW 82-2510 / 8 Grundig ELEGANCE15FLAT (TVD4025025) Grundig ELEGANCE21FLAT (K21PFC2503FRTOP) Grundig ELEGANCE21FLAT (TVD55-2502/7TOP) Grundig ELEGANCE21FLAT (TVD5525037TOP)
Grundig GBE3200 Grundig GU2100SF Grundig K 21 PF 2603 / 8 TEXT Grundig K15PFC2503FRTEXT Grundig K21PF-2503 / 8TOP
Grundig LCD 38-5500TOP Grundig LCD 38-5501TOP Grundig LCD 38-5700 BS Grundig LCD 38-6605BS Grundig LCD 51-4501TOP
Grundig LCD 51-4505TOP Grundig LCD 51-5500TOP Grundig LCD 51-5700 BS Grundig LCD 51-6605BS Grundig LCD 51-7510 TOP
Grundig LCD 51-7606 TOP Grundig LCD 51-8512DL Grundig LCD 51-8610 TOP Grundig LCD 51-9510 TOP Grundig LCD 51-9622DL
Grundig LCD49-7710BS Grundig LENARO 19 LCD 49-7710 BS Grundig LENARO 20 LW 51-7605 TOP Grundig LENARO 26 (LXW 68-7610 TOP) Grundig LENARO 26LXW68-7635
Grundig LENARO 32 LXW 82-7610 TOP Grundig LENARO 32 LXW 82-7635 Grundig LENARO 82 FLAT MFW 82-6510 / 8 Grundig LENARO 82 FLAT MFW82-5510 / 8 Grundig LW 60-7505 BS
Grundig LW 68-7505 BS Grundig LW 82-7505 BS Grundig LW45-7510TOP Grundig LW49-7710BS Grundig LW51-7605TOP
Grundig LW51-7610TOP Grundig LW60-4505BS Grundig LW60-7510TOP Grundig LW68-4501TOP Grundig LW70-5605TOP
Grundig LW70-6605TOP Grundig LXW 110-8625 REF Grundig LXW 68-7515 REF Grundig LXW 68-7635 CONNECT Grundig LXW 68-8510 TOP
Grundig LXW 82-7515 REF Grundig LXW 82-8510 TOP Grundig LXW 94-8625 REF Grundig LXW68-7512 REF Grundig LXW68-8512DL
Grundig LXW82 8512DL Grundig LXW82 8695REF Grundig LXW82-5500TOP Grundig LXW82-7510 Grundig LXW82-7510TOP
Grundig LXW82-7512 REF Grundig LXW82-7515 REF AMIRA 32 Grundig LXW82-7610TOP Grundig LXW82-8510TOP Grundig LXW82-8512DL
Grundig LXW82-8625 REF Grundig LXW94-8625 REF Grundig M5V000 (GUVP4200) Grundig MF 40-2501 TEXT Grundig MF 55-2502 TOP
Grundig MF 55-5501 TOP Grundig MF 72-2510 / 8 TOP Grundig MF 72-3310 / 7 TOP Grundig MF40 2501FRTEXT Grundig MF55 2502 5TEXT
Grundig MF55-2401 / 5TOP Grundig MF55-2401 / 7TOP Grundig MF55-2401FR/TOP Grundig MF55-2501 / 5TOP Grundig MF55-2501 / 7TOP
Grundig MF55-2501FR/TOP Grundig MF55-2501TOP Grundig MF55-2502 / 5TOP Grundig MF55-2502 / 8FR / TEXT Grundig MF55-2502 / 8TOP
Grundig MF55-2503 / 8PL/TOP Grundig MF55-2503 / 8TOP Grundig MF55-5501 / 8TOP Grundig MF72-2015TOP Grundig MF72-2401 / 5TOP
Grundig MF72-2401IT/TOP Grundig MF72-2501 / 8TOP Grundig MF72-2502 / 8TOP Grundig MF72-2502IT/TOP Grundig MF72-5410 / 7TOPSILBER
Grundig MF72-5410TOP Grundig MF72-7510/8DOLBY Grundig MF725501 8TOP Grundig MF7275108 DOLBY Grundig MFS 55-4601 / 8 TOP
Grundig MFS 55-4701 / 8 TOP Grundig MFS55-1002 / 8TEXT Grundig MFS72-4610 / 8TOP Grundig MFW 70-2410 Grundig MFW 82-2010 / 8 TOP
Grundig MFW 82-2410 Grundig MFW 82-2510 / 8 DOLBY Grundig MFW 82-3310 / 7 DOLBY Grundig MFW 82-5510 / 8 DOLBY Grundig MFW70 2401 IT DOLBY
Grundig MFW70-2401 / 5 DOLBY Grundig MFW70-2401IT / DOLBY Grundig MFW70-2401IT/DOLBY Grundig MFW70-2410 / 7 DOLBY Grundig MFW70-2410 / IT
Grundig MFW70-2410/7DOLBY Grundig MFW70-2501 / 8 DOLBY Grundig MFW70-2501 DOLBY Grundig MFW70-2510 / 8 DOLBY SILBER Grundig MFW70-5410 / 7
Grundig MFW70-5411 / 7 DOLBY/PIP Grundig MFW70-5510 / 8 DOLBY Grundig MFW70-5510/8DOLBY Grundig MFW7024107 DOLBY Grundig MFW7054117 DOLBY PIP
Grundig MFW82 7510 8 DOLBY Grundig MFW82-2015 DOLBY Grundig MFW82-2410 / 7 DOLBY Grundig MFW82-2501 / 8 DOLBY Grundig MFW82-2501 DOLBY
Grundig MFW82-2510 / 8 Grundig MFW82-5410 Grundig MFW82-5410 / 7 Grundig MFW82-5410 / 7 DOLBY Grundig MFW82-5410 / 7 DOLBY SILBER
Grundig MFW82-7510 / 8 DOLBY Grundig MFW82-7510/8DOLBY Grundig MFW8275108 DOLBY Grundig MONACO 32 LXW 82-8512 DL Grundig MW70 2501 5 DOLBY
Grundig MW70 2502 8 DOLBY Grundig MW70-2010 / 8 DOLBY Grundig MW70-2501 / 5 DOLBY Grundig MW70-2501/5DOLBY Grundig MW70-2502 / 8 DOLBY
Grundig MW70-2502/8DOLBY Grundig MW7020108 DOLBY SILBER Grundig MW8220108 DOLBY SILBER Grundig P 37-2401 TEXT Grundig P 37-4501 TEXT
Grundig P14-4705E Grundig P14-4705W Grundig P37-4201 / 5TOP Grundig P37-4201TOP Grundig P374501FRTEXT
Grundig PW 110-5501 TOP Grundig PW 110-5510 TOP Grundig PW 110-7505 TOP Grundig PW110-6605TOP Grundig PW110-7605TOP
Grundig PXW110-7515 REF Grundig SE7072 / 7 DOLBY Grundig SE7272 / 7 DOLBY Grundig SE8272-7 DOLBY MILLENIUM GRAU Grundig SEDANCE 32 (LW 82-6605 TOP)
Grundig SEDANCE 32 LW 82-5605 TOP Grundig SEDANCE 70 (ST 70-2015 DOLBY) Grundig SEDANCE 70 ST 70-2015 DOLBY Grundig SEDANCE70 (ST7024107TOPSILBER) Grundig ST 55-2502 TEXT
Grundig ST 55-2502 TOP Grundig ST 70-2003 TEXT Grundig ST 70-2003 TEXT PROC.SIL. Grundig ST 70-2010 TEXT Grundig ST 70-2502 TOP
Grundig ST 70-5501 TOP Grundig ST 70-5510 TOP Grundig ST55-2500 / 5TOP Grundig ST55-2500 / 7TOP Grundig ST55-2500FRTOP
Grundig ST55-2500TOP Grundig ST55-2502 / 5TOP Grundig ST55-2502 / 8FR/TOP Grundig ST55-4201 / 5TOP Grundig ST552503 / 8TOP
Grundig ST63 2002 5TEXT Grundig ST70 1505 5TEXT Grundig ST70 2001 5TEXT Grundig ST70 2002 5TEXT Grundig ST70 2010TOPSCHWARZ
Grundig ST70 2405 5 Grundig ST70 2405 5TOP Grundig ST70 2405 7 Grundig ST70 2410 7TOP Grundig ST70 2410TOP
Grundig ST70 2500 5TOP Grundig ST70 2500 7TOP Grundig ST70 2502 8TEXT Grundig ST70 2502 8TOP Grundig ST70 250ACTI
Grundig ST70 3500 5TEXT Grundig ST70-2015 DOLBY Grundig ST70-5501 / 8TOP Grundig ST70-7510 / 8 DOLBY Grundig ST702010TEXTSCHWAR
Grundig ST702010TOPPROCONSILBER Grundig ST702015DOLBY Grundig ST707502TEXT Grundig ST84-2015 / 5TOP Grundig STF 72-2010 / 8 TOP
Grundig STF55 1502 5TOP Grundig STF72-2002 / 8TEXT Grundig STF72-2010 Grundig STF72-2011 / 8TEXT Grundig STF72-2011 / 8TOP
Grundig T 21-3801 W Grundig T 51-2401 TEXT Grundig T 55-4501 TEXT Grundig T21-3801E Grundig T51-2401
Grundig T51-4201TEXTPROC.SIL Grundig T51-4201TOP Grundig T55-2401TEXT Grundig T55-4201TOP Grundig T55-4501 / 5TEXT
Grundig TELE PILOT 160-E Grundig TP 1 Grundig TP 160-C Grundig TP 165 C Grundig TVD37 2401TEXT
Grundig TVD37-2501FR / TEXT Grundig TVD37-2502TEXT Grundig TVD402501TEXT Grundig TVD55-2401 / 5TOP Grundig TVD55-2501FR/TOP
Grundig TVD55-2502 / 7 Grundig TVD5525025TOP Grundig TVD552502FR Grundig VISION 26 LW 68-8510 TOP Grundig VISION 26 LXW 68-8510 TOP
Grundig VISION 26 LXW 68-8510 TOP (TV+DR) Grundig VISION 32 LXW 82-8510 TOP Grundig VISION II 20 (LCD 51-9620 IDTV) Grundig XEDANCE 72 MF 72-3310 Grundig XENTIA 32 LXW 82-8625 REF
Grundig XENTIA 37 LXW 94-8625 REF Grundig XENTIA 42LXW110-8625 Grundig XEPHIA 32 LXW 82-5500 TOP Grundig XEPHIA 42 PW 110-5501 TOP Grundig XEPHIA 42 PW 110-5510 TOP
Grundig XEPHIA32LXW82-5500TOP Grundig Xentia32 (LXW 82-8625 REF)
This remote control has the following buttons:
Power, 1, 2, 3, DVD/TV, [<>]/Zoom, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, -/--/Program, 0, Mute, i/Goto, Z/DVD Menu, TXT/DVD Setup, AV/Title, Up/P+, Down/P-, Left/-, Right/+, Vol-, Vol+, SUB/<<, Update/>>, Red/Stop, Green/I<<, Yellow/Play/Pause, Blue/>>I, OK, VCR, SAT, DVD Ext.

It uses 2 batteries of the type AA

1.5V alcaline batteries AA LR06, used in some kinds of remote controls

The remote control is packaged along with batteries (if ordered) in a bubble envelope for more protection. Shipping is done quickly and safely, ensuring, as far as possible, the delivery deadline. The invoice will be sent by email.

Replacement remote controls

Replacement remote controls that replace in all its functions the remote GRUNDIG Tele Pilot 165 C (759551159300):

Replacement remote control for Tele Pilot 165 C (759551159300)Replacement for Tele Pilot 165 C (759551159300)C$ 34.25 (VAT included)Remote control that meets every one of the functions of the original remote without exception
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Customer reviews
September 2019
It works perfectly. Super fast, it only took 2 days. Highly recommend and I give 5 stars for that. Thanks.
June 2019
Thank you for offering this remote control as a replacement of the original one. It works fine!
July 2020
May 2019
Both remote controls received safely many thanks.
January 2020
Just want to let you know that the remote that you have sent work fine. Thank you very much for your service and help.
April 2019
Cheers and thank you so much. Works perfect thank you again.
July 2019
Worked like a charm ! Thanks Gracias !
Very good product, easy to learn, i'm very happy. Great non guys!
Stefano Pulcini,
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Replacement remote controls
C$ 34.25Tele Pilot 165 C (759551159300)
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